How is import duty calculated and how do I know if there are tariff concessions available?


Import duty is calculated ‘ad valorem’ which means according to value and the value is based on the FOB (Free on Board) or Customs Value (CVAL) of the goods. Duty rates vary, as an example rates can vary from 0% (duty free), to a maximum 10% depending on the tariff classification.

Please note there may be tariff concessions available for you goods or they may be eligible for a preferential duty rate, depending on their qualified origin. If a tariff concession is not immediately available and your product, the BCR customs brokers can utilise our proven process to complete the tariff concession application for the product.

We recommend you contact BCR as your customs broker prior to ordering any new products to allow us to determine and advise the correct duty/GST for the goods. We can also apply for a legal ruling from the ABF to ensure the correct duty rate is applied, on your behalf.