What information does a freight forwarder need to be able to start working with you?


When working with a freight forwarder to assist with shipping your air freight or sea freight to or from Australia, certain documentation is required before work can begin. BCR is an established freight forwarder with documented processes and below is a list of the documents required to start moving things for your business as a freight forwarder.

Trading Application – A Trading Application is a form in which the shipper provides the Registered Company Name, Trading Name, Postal Address, Primary Contact Name and Contact Details, Account Payable Officer Name and Contact Details, Nature of your business and the date your business commenced.

Authority to Act as a Customs Agent / Customs Broker – An Authority to Act is a form letter than you transpose onto your company letterhead. This letter provides BCR with your permission to act as your Customs Broker and use your ABN from time to time when applicable with regard to imported goods.

Accepted Quote – Before we work with new freight forwarding customers, our Business Development Team will provide you with a Shipping Quote that relates specifically to the goods you are looking to import or export. We require formal acceptance of this quote before we can start organising the shipment. Air freight, sea freight and domestic freight quotes have a limited validity based on the ever changing freight market where the time period that the quote is valid for will be listed on the air freight quote or sea freight quote. If your air freight quote or sea freight quote has expired, contact the BCR freight forwarding team member that you have been working with so it can be reissued. 

Once the above information has been received and confirmed, BCR, as your freight forwarder will need your suppliers’ details. Details which will be required include: 

  • Suppliers name
  • Suppliers office address
  • Suppliers warehouse address
  • Contact person
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Packing Declaration Form
  • Fumigation Certificate (If applicable)
  • Manufacturing Declaration (if applicable)

It is ideal to have all of this information ready so your freight forwarder can get started on your air freight or sea freight shipment and get your goods moving as fast as possible. It is also advised that you notify your supplier that BCR will be working with you as your freight forwarder.

If you have any questions on the documentation required to start working with BCR as your freight forwarder, phone or email your BCR contact as they can assist with any questions or explanations that specifically relate to your shipment.

BCR has been assisting companies import and export for over 120 years. We offer businesses in Australia with sea freight, air freight, coastal shipping, 3PL warehousing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Townsville and Cairns, plus a team of expert Customs Brokers. Need a freight forwarding quote, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members.


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